Contemporary Home Decor

What is your definition of contemporary interior design? Contemporary interior design includes several different styles. It is very rich in terms of layout and furniture. What can be called today’s contemporary interior style encompasses a range of styles developed in the second half of the 20th century. Today, interior designs have or are based on pre-existing designs. In fact, the conductive line of an interior design that claims to be contemporary is functionality and simplicity.

They are characterized by clean lines, neutral colors, white and black, low armchairs and few accessories. The absence of decoration gives the impression of size to the restricted spaces.The classic interior design emphasizes symmetry. The color palette is inspired by the soft shades of nature: blue, yellow, gray, pink. The fabrics are natural: cotton, linen, velvet. It is an elegant style without much decoration. The furniture is both comfortable and refined. The style, called classic or neoclassical, is often very rich in decoration. Marble paintings and decorative objects are placed. It can be furnished with a wooden bookcase and furnished with elegant velvet armchairs.Industrial style is a recent trend that has emerged with the transformation of old factories into living spaces in some urban areas.